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Join VOLUNTEER LIBERIA and become a part of a passionate community dedicated to empowering youth. Whether you’re interested in volunteering, seeking an internship, or looking for expert guidance, our supportive team is here to help you every step of the way. Together, we ensure the successful implementation of impactful projects that make a real difference.

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Our Mission

At VOLUNTEER LIBERIA we provide experiential opportunities for skill application and development to international volunteers/interns who seek to be powerful change agents in Liberia’s development. Volunteer Liberia wants to provide you with the opportunity to create sustainable positive change in the lives of Liberians while exploring traditional African life. Not only will your experience be meaningful in the eyes of others, but you will also experience a culture and tradition like no other.

Projects at volunteer liberia

VOLUNTEER LIBERIA is a program of Youth Crime Watch of Liberia and run by a dedicated group of volunteer staff based around the world.


Sustainable Development

Liberia provides a unique setting for interested interns/volunteers in pursuing experience in sustainable development. Our interns/volunteers will join one of our partner organizations,companies, and government agencies in Liberia…



Our engineering internships are some of the more competitive and prestigious internship positions offered by our program. By participating in an engineering internship in Liberia, you will work…



If you are considering a marketing internship in Liberia, you will have a wonderful range of options to choose from when we search for your ideal internship program. Our marketing internships are in high demand…

WHY Volunteer liberia ?


VOLUNTEER LIBERIA provides each volunteer with accommodations at its guesthouse or in a home stay
with a Liberian family.


Discover hidden talents that may change your view on your self worth and help you feel better about yourself by improving your self-esteem and confidence.

Your Experience

Your volunteer/internship experience will be handcrafted to suit your skills and experience with special consideration towards the skill development or the living experience that you are looking for.


From its spectacular scenery to its vibrant cities and famous hospitality, Liberia offers a wealth of opportunity to its visitors. Liberia is regarded as the oldest African country, gaining independence in 1847 by free black slaves from America.

Experience Liberia through it Volunteer Liberia program offers a valuable opportunity to experience all this country has to offer through service work. With a wide range of positions to choose from, volunteers/interns are able to select work that corresponds with their current interests and future aspirations. Shorter-term volunteers are given roles designed to add the most value within the shortest possible time, while longer-term volunteers are matched with specific projects or programmes within a particular organization.

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VOLUNTEER LIBERIA assists in placing students, groups, gap year Students or individuals as volunteers/interns. In addition to the service projects, we also coordinate opportunities for adventure holiday tours, wildlife hikes, language and cultural lectures, and other programs. You will have weekends and evenings to have fun and explore a new culture!

Our goal is to make volunteering/internship easy and accessible, so that more volunteers/interns can take advantage of this great experience. Your skills and innovative ideas can make a difference in the lives of others, and we want to help make that happen!


Our goal is to make volunteering and internship easy and accessible, so that more volunteers and interns can take advantage of this great experience.

Web & Graphic Design in Liberia

Research Project

Liberia Film Industry

International Development

Street Library Project



If you are not sure about what you would like to do or require some extra support in your volunteering/ internship with us, we can assist you in finding the right opportunity and take those first steps into a new volunteering/internship role.

Contact [email protected] to see how we can help you.


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