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Liberia Film Industry

Liberia Film Industry

You will be individually placed in a specific company within the film, advertising or media industry, based on your experience and interests. Opportunities include film production and post-production, television, photography, documentary, advertising, print media, etc.

The Liberia Film Industry internships are facilitated through Volunteer Liberia internship program. A few highpoints of our internship program are as follows:

– Our internship/volunteer program only accepts the most serious and professionally focused applicants. Our participants work full time and are expected to make an impact at their internship. Central to our program philosophy is the concept of mutually beneficial experiential learning, through which the intern, partner organization, and the communities they serve, have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in dynamic and positive ways.

An internship with Volunteer Liberia is a great opportunity for driven students to take their skill set to the next level. The internship will provide interns an opportunity to transition from college/ university student to real-life professional from the day-to-day challenges. This is a rigorous program designed exclusively for students who are eager and ready to learn from the Liberia Film Industry.

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