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Web & Graphic Design in Liberia

Web & Graphic Design in Liberia

If you’re studying to be a digital creative, consider the many advantages of taking a graphic or web design internship in Liberia. This is little West African nation, Liberia is known for its huge numbers of international NGOs presence as well a number of businesses leading agencies. When you participate in an internship through Volunteer Liberia , you can be sure that we’ll find you the perfect placement within the design organization or industry. One of the benefits of being located in Montserrado County is that there are numerous opportunities to meet other likeminded or creative people.

What to expect from graphic and web design internships

You will the opportunity to learn about Monrovia and being able to explore and discover this spectacular city as a resident – not a tourist – you’ll benefit in other ways.

  • Gaining insight into a geographically unique industry – Here in Liberia, we have distinctly different from the rest of the world as we have limited locals who are in this field and the work load at these various institutions or industries are huge. So as an intern, you’ll be able to practically learn from your internship.
  • Developing useful skills – At Volunteer Liberia, we don’t want to place you in a position where you’ll just be making coffee. We tend to put you to work right away. When you’re immersed in a project, you’ll have ample opportunity to use and enhance your competencies. From utilizing software to running tasks for project management, this experience will be invaluable for your resume.
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