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VOLUNTEER LIBERIA is a program of Youth Crime Watch of Liberia and run by a dedicated group of volunteer staff based around the world. We facilitate placement of international volunteers and interns dedicated to promoting social justice and sensitization about sustainable development of local communities with organizations who share these goals and seek additional support. Our volunteers and interns are people who seek to learn and contribute by working as part of a community, implementing projects and sharing their experience and ideas.

We are organized to facilitate and place volunteers/interns in all sectors of the country. Our volunteer program will help you learn and undertake projects, and share ideas on issues that are affecting our world today. Working with VOLUNTEER LIBERIA is an opportunity to contribute to peacebuilding and development in Liberia, volunteering in communities and sharing views on a person-to-person level. We place volunteers/interns in a number of organizations including: government agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s), media and journalism, sports, community and youth development, hospitals/clinics, hotels, legal institutions, schools/universities, and orphanages.

Our website provides all the necessary material about our volunteer and program opportunities in Liberia and other appropriate information needed in planning a fruitful trip.


  • Knowing and learning more about Liberia country and your host community
  •  Developing new skills, and building toward a new or current career path
  •  Enhancing your professional network
  •  On completion of the volunteer program participants are given an certificate of recognition for
    their contributions
  •  Knowing and working with youth and other people who are share the desire to see social justice
  •  Making hands-on contributions through practical work assignments
  •  Learning about the work of the United Nations and other international organizations
  • discover hidden talents that may change your view on your self worth.
    help you feel better about yourself by improving your self-esteem and confidence.
  • help you share your talents, learn new skills and create a better work-life balance.
  • help combat stress, loneliness, social isolation, depression and develop emotional stability Make new friends this should be use anywhere on the website as deem necessary: Gain valuable experience and help make a difference where it counts


VOLUNTEER LIBERIA provides each volunteer with accommodations at its guesthouse or in a home stay with a Liberian family. Staying with a host family is preferred as it gives volunteers the opportunity to learn more about Liberian culture. Both accommodations provide a high level of security. Each intern will have a bed, pillow and bedspread of his/her own. They will also have access to bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and water. Health is a top priority, and each volunteer will also be issued a mosquito net. The cost of accommodation is included as part of the total program fee.

Accommodation in hostels and dormitories may be organized for volunteers who so desire, in groups of not less than six working on similar project(s).


Volunteers will be provided with treated water, purchased from certified producers in bottles or bags water. While the water in Liberia is acceptable to wash in, it is not recommended that guests drink it, as they lack the necessary local immunities.


Volunteers can expect to have a safe and supportive organization and a host family that will provide them timely support and ensure their safety. In addition, the VOLUNTEER LIBERIA staff will always be available to answer any questions or assist with any problems.


Washing clothes by hand, cooking with firewood and discussing youth led development initiatives or cultural practices behind candlelight are just a few of the typical Liberian practices volunteers can hope to experience in their time here.


VOLUNTEER LIBERIA has a guest cook who prepares dishes according to your preference. In the case of a home stay, the host family will be responsible for providing breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. In some instances, due to the distance between project site and home, volunteers will bring a packed lunch. The food in Liberia will mainly consist of dishes of rice, chicken, beef, tea, coffee, bread, eggs, soup, potatoes, oats, fruits, fish, etc. These ingredients comprise a lot of the local food, but may also include torborgee, potatoes leaves, beans, cassava leaves and palm butter served alongside. It is also easy to find familiar Western-style dishes in restaurants in different cities.


A local community member or member of the host family will likely assist the volunteer with his/her laundry, teaching them the art of hand washing. This is how the majority of Liberians do their laundry. Washing your own clothes and seeing the sun dry them, will leave them rich with the smell of Liberia, and is a very rewarding experience not to be missed.
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