Volunteer Liberia

Teaching in Liberia

Teaching in Liberia

We also placed volunteers in schools to teach as way of contributing to the education system of Liberia. Youth Crime Watch of Liberia understand Liberian’s population is made up of mostly youths and about 65% of these youths are uneducated and girls form the bulk of that number. Government’s effort to expand educational activities to all and especially to the girl child
through some education projects still have some gaps in strengthening the education system. There is an urgent need of trained and qualified teachers/ lecturers in the educational sector to meet with present needs of the education curricular.

Conclusively it could be realistically judged that children who form the bulk of the population in this country are seriously deprived of quality educational services. You can help these young and unfortunate people in Liberia by volunteering in schools in Liberia.

Volunteer Role:
Successfully recruited volunteers will fill up vacancies or will support already existing teachers in schools (elementary to high schools). Liberia needs you and there are no specialties in the subject or course u can offer. We will also appreciate volunteers who are also interested in teaching universities or colleges in Liberia.

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