Volunteer Liberia



Liberia’s 14-year civil war destroyed communities and their ability to meet their own health needs. People were left with poor living conditions, little access to education and jobs, and facing multiple diseases, many of which are preventable

VOLUNTEER LIBERIA offers opportunities for nurses, doctors, opticians, and dentists to use their skills in the field. Medical volunteers have a chance to work with a team of medical practitioners in designated areas to provide free medical care to local communities. Volunteers will work in community clinics and hospitals to increase access to basic healthcare and promote health education in rural and urban communities in Liberia.Volunteers will have the opportunity to work in areas of general medical
practice, maternal health, minor surgery and laboratory work.

Serving as a volunteer will not only give you the opportunity to do something good for the people living in the underprivileged societies, and enhance your practical knowledge and skills, but it’ll also boost your career, keeping you a step ahead of your peers.

Environmental Protection & Conservation Program

Volunteers/interns will have the opportunity to work with various
Environmental protection institutions or the government agency responsible
for Environment protection in Liberia by helping to protect the natural
environment. The project objectives is preserving the natural world to
prevent it from collapsing as a result of human activities, such as
unsustainable agriculture, deforestation and burning fossil fuels. Participants
will also have the opportunity to work with either the Wildlife department or
the Liberia Forestry Authority concerning conservation and protection of our
species. Volunteers/interns will work closely with Government institutions,
private sector partners, and local conservation stakeholders and
communities by providing supports communities in becoming less reliant on
forest resources by providing livelihood alternatives, including sustainable
agriculture and ecotourism.

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